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Using Custom Domain in Vercel


For a website with static content like this blog, people usually use either Netlify or Vercel to host it because you don't need to maintain your own server or even manage your own SSL certificate. In both platforms, you can either use a custom subdomain that they provide (e.g., or if you already have your own domain, you can opt to use it instead.

Vercel Setup

On your Vercel dashboard, select the project that you want to associate with your custom domain and go to Settings then select Domains menu item.

Vercel Domain Settings

In the Domains page, enter the domain name that you want to add, and click Add button on the right.

Vercel Enter Domain

A modal will popup and just choose the recommended option.

Vercel Add Domain

You will then see your domain's A record like the image below.

Vercel A Record

Click on the or Nameservers tab and click on the Enable Vercel DNS button.

Vercel Enable Nameserver

It will display the nameserver information that you will need to put to your domain in Namecheap.

Vercel Nameserver

Namecheap Setup

Once our setup in Vercel is complete, we need to setup our domain in Namecheap. So go to and login with your credentials.

Once you're logged in, go to Domain List from the sidebar, choose the domain that you want to configure, and click on MANAGE.

Namecheap Domain List

Now, find the NAMESERVERS, click on the dropdown and select Custom DNS.

Namecheap Manage Domain

Input Vercel's nameserver addresses and click the green checkmark on the right.

Namecheap Nameservers

That's it! You're done! Now you just need to wait until it propagates and you will be able to access your website using your own domain.